Joel Gion, The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Our opening act for the entire UK leg of the tour is The Magic Mod, a mod magician who is traveling with us on the bus. A master at card tricks and illusion, his addition to the stage not only gives the evening’s proceedings an Ed Sullivan Show variety program-type vibe, but him taking on a crowd that is only here for music is something to see in itself. The bravery to contend with the rowdy ‘punters’ and win them over single-sleight-of-handedly takes nerve, but when you’re good and you know who you are its just another night.

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Badly Drawn Boy

Retweeted by @TaylorMod, February 16th 2023

Fantastic Ben ! And well done on the tour. Takes some courage to do what you do X


Dom Gourlay

Retweeted by @TaylorMod, February 16th 2023

Why not? I'd rather watch someone like yourself breaking normal conventions than some dull as dishwater rehash of every indie band from the past 4 decades playing songs no one will remember the minute they leave the stage. Carry on doing what you're doing. It's great!


The Theme Scene

Retweeted by The Magic Mod, February 16th 2023

@TaylorMod is a headliner in their own right (or soon will be). Something a bit different but what would you expect from BJM! @soundcarriers are fabulous too if magic ain't your thing.

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steve white_TWITTER

Steve White
The Style Council

Posted on Twitter,
March 3rd 2023

Of course. I am an unashamed fan of the skill of a good magician, not dissimilar to that a good musician. Magic Mod is up there with the best and doing it alway in style.

will seargent_TWITTER

Will Sergeant
Echo & the Bunnymen

Posted on Twitter,
March 13th 2023

You’re in league with the devil.

rick witter_TWITTER

Rick Witter
Shed Seven

Posted on Twitter,
March 13th 2023

Brailley brailley good Magic Mod man….

Ian Lawlyer_twitter

Ian Lawler

Posted on Twitter,
February 28th 2023

Absolutely love them, I try so hard to work out how you do it but at the end of the day I don’t have a clue.

Paul Jones_twitter

Paul Jones

Posted on Twitter,
February 28th 2023

Always look forward to Magic Mod Monday. Totally mesmerised every week. The future is looking bright. All the best Ben.



Posted on Twitter,
February 28th 2023

Top draw. Watch every Monday. Never fails to disappoint. Can’t wait to catch you live (hopefully at a gig) one day.

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brett bithel_REVIEW

Brett Bithel

 Watched The Magic Mod support BJM after watching loads of Magic Mod Mondays and he defiantly didn’t disappoint stylish funny and Modgic. Pretty sure The Magic Mod will be headlining his own tour very soon. To be someone must be a wonderful thing, a famous footballer, a rock singer, or a magician?

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Shiiine On Weekender 2022, 14th November 2022


Dermo (Northside)

I’m sat there, then BANG, the main man, Mr Modgic himself, is on stage. Cool as fuck and taking the piss from the off. I like his presence straight away. He’s confident but not annoying. Knows how to work the crowd, and is a master of his trade. The tricks are tricky and magic is magical. The crowd are on it and in it. It’s all over too quickly. Get back on stage Mr Modgic! This IS the Modern World x

email: themagicmod@gmail.com